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Stacey Wells is a mixologist of music, wine, humor, and pop culture, creating edgy, pop style art that embodies the essence of moments, with unique artworks reflecting passion and capturing time.

A decade ago, Stacey Wells’ art career started with a bang when she was invited to hang her art at a private, event with Gene Simmons. It’s been a wild and wonderful ride since then.


Wells’ art can  be found at galleries across the US, Canada and on art collector’s walls worldwide.

Her art hangs at collector’s homes alongside famed artists such as Warhol, Dali and Peter Max to name a few.


Inspired by music, wine, stories and cool rocker looks, Wells captures the essence of her subjects and brings back moments in time with her vibrant, edgy, pop style, artworks.


Her favorite claim to fame is that her art hangs in a few celebrity’s bedrooms including Steven Tyler, Rod Stewart’s son Sean and Hugh Hefner, who hung Wells’ art in his bedroom at the Playboy Mansion. Hef loved it so much Wells was invited to dinner with Hef and family at the Playboy Mansion.


Wells’ art is sought after by people all over the world including the Hard Rock Hotel international who commissioned Wells to create art for their new hotel in Atlantic City.

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