Starry, Starry Night”

 Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” is reflected in a Don Perignon bottle, celebrating this master artist’s brilliance and capturing his masterpiece as “time in a bottle” to enjoy daily. It is embellished with silver leaf adding a little sparkle to the starry night. I can’t think of anything more magical than a starry night. Representing peacefulness, infinity and a sense of wonder. The kind of wonder that makes minds think, create and explore. Which inspires brilliance, hope and makes wishes come true.

I created this art in honour of my Mom. It was inspired by her favourite song “Starry, Starry Night “sung by Lani Hall, written by Don McClean as a tribute to Vincent Van Gogh.


Wish Upon a Star, then make it happen … WELLS

Art by Stacey Wells

Limited editions, now available in minis! 



Open Edition Mini            $ 125

6 x 12

ready to hang


W Series Edition of 250   $350
12 x 24

ready to hang.

Signed & Numbered Edition of 50     $550
18 by 36
Unframed & ready to hang.

Signed and Numbered edition of 50    $750
20 by 40

Signed and Numbeed Limited Edition of 50 $ 900

Artist Proof Edition of 5 signed and numbered     $1,995
24 by 48
ready to hang.

Hand Embellished     $2,200

24 x 48 

SW Edition of 25     Custom Pricing
Can be up to 5-Color Embellished

Custom Sizing available
ready to hang.

Call for prices on custom sizing for limited editions ,originals and personalized art.  
1 778 874 3303

Starry Night

Editions and size in inches
  • Quality Guaranteed. 

    Museum quality limited editions, signed numbered with proof of authenticity. All limited editions are stretched and ready to hang. no need to frame. 

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