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Say Hello to Al Pacino

Al Pacino fans unite, “ Say Hello” to my ... new Al Pacino artwork!

This cool commission order for Randy and Joanna had me so excited! Al Pacino has such a great character face to capture! I spoke with Randy before beginning ,his immense passion for Al Pacino had me very inspired to begin. He loved that Al Pacino is different in all of his movies ,( a testament to Pacino's acting skills) I could feel his eyes light up as he mentioned that in every movie, there is a moment when Pacino goes nuts !

At that moment. I knew I was going to create a visually exciting artwork , both in colour and action , that was as dynamic as that moment and unique as Al Pacino.

This one of a kind, original artwork, shows Al Pacino with a smoking gun, that reads “Say Hello” a segment of a famous line, from his movie Scarface™ ! Randy and Joanna completely trusted my art and my vision, they bought this artwork without seeing it until it arrived at their door ! I was SO EXCITED to hear that they LOVE it ! "That is Greatness!" Randy exclaimed, with Joanna repeating " Very cool, very cool" as they opened it! Yes they were kind enough to send me the video of the opening, which I will share with you at a later date, if they approve. But for now HERE is my painting of Al Pacino!

Call or email to order your ONE OF A KIND. custom original art, of any subject, by Stacey Wells.

The possibilities are endless.

Treat yourself or surprise the one you love, with a WELLS artwork.

Celebrate a milestone, birthday anniversary, Christmas or year, for your spouse , boss or good friend.

Buy it yourself or order a group gift of art. Split the cost amongst friends or co workers, making it affordable to gift them something cool and unique.

Click the photo to contact Stacey Wells.

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