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Welcome to Stacey Wells' art, home to an iconic collection of edgy pop art pieces. Stacey's work embodies the essence of moments, mixing art, music, wine, humour, and pop culture, creating art the starts a conversation and brings people back in time.

Stacey Wells art can be found at galleries in the US and  on art collector's walls worldwide, including a celebrities ,Steven Tyler, Sean Stewart and Hugh Hefner to name a few. Stacey Wells specializes in art commissions, creating art for individuals and large corporations including the Hard Rock Hotel and the NFL Raiders who commissioned Wells to create art for their VIP areas.

ROCK your walls with a WELLS

artist Stacey Wells with her pop art painting of Barbra Streisand.

Step into a kaleidoscopic world of nostalgia and glamour with Stacey Wells' vibrant pop art, where iconic Celebrities, Rock Stars, and vintage Hollywood legends come to life in a riot of color and energy. Stacey Wells masterfully captures the essence of the good old days, inviting viewers to embark on a visual journey through the golden era of entertainment.

Wells' art transforms walls into storytellers, narrating tales of the past with each stroke of her brush. The lively compositions exude an infectious sense of celebration, as if the viewer has been transported to an exclusive party where the stars of yesteryear shine brightly. The dynamic energy emanating from her creations makes it impossible to resist the magnetic pull of the bygone era.

In the realm of art collectors, Stacey Wells has carved out a niche among connoisseurs who appreciate the allure of pop art and its ability to transcend time. Wells work is particularly sought after by those who have a penchant for collecting pieces by iconic artists such as Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali. Yet, Wells' distinctive approach adds a unique edge to her creations, earning her comparisons to Warhol but with a signature style that stands out as unmistakably a WELLS.

The bold and captivating nature of Stacey Wells' pop art not only pays homage to the glamour of vintage Hollywood and the music scene but also establishes her as a contemporary artist with a fresh perspective. Her ability to infuse life into the canvas ensures that each piece becomes a conversation starter, a vibrant ode to the legends that shaped entertainment history, and an invitation for viewers to join the party in the realm of timeless art.


       ROCK your walls... WELLS



              Stacey Wells art




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