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Stacey Wells Rock Star Art Jimi Hendrix

Addicted Magazine

A canvas art painting of Lemmey wearing shades, reflecting the Las Vegas sign.
Voyage LA Magazine 
Stacey Wells Artist with her vibrat pop art of Barbra Streisand.

Fresh Vancouver Magazine

Dolce Magazine features Stacey Wells pop art
Dolce Luxury Magazine 
Stacey Wells art at Fashion week in Los Angeles with Cheryl Koo

Canvas collaboration with designer Cheryl Koo

Wine magazine featuring Stacey Wells art interview.

       Wineries refined

             pg 78-79

Stacey Wells posing with 10 ft Gibson Gutar sculpture that she will paint to benefit local LA charities.

Jason In Hollywood

Stacey Wells artist with Barbara Streisand art
Authority magazine
Stacey Wells artist aT her show at the Punk Rock Museum in Los Angeles.

Photo credit Michael Eivaz

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ATOD Magazine

Music on Walls Interview with Stacey Wells artist.
Local Rock stars at Stascey Wells art show on the Sunset Strip

Sugar Buzz Magazine video

Stacey Wells posing with her hand painted Gibson guitar sculpture celebrating Alice cooper

Metal Assault Magazine

Stacey Wells with Alice Cooper Gibson Guitar sculpture

Stacey Wells hand painted Gibson Guitar commemorating Alice Cooper.

Stacey Wells with Breaking Bad art on the Sunset Strip

Fresh Vancouver Magazine

Stacey Wells Marilyn Manson art at gallery show on the Sunset Strip

Sugar Buzz


Stacey Wells artist with hand painted Alice Cooper Gibson Guitar sculpture

Andaz announcement

Stacey Wells sharing her wine art with Wine TV

Wine Garage TV

Stacey Wells wine and rock star art at Nectar Tasting room in Spokane.

Video interview with Taste Nectar

Stacey Wells custom  art featuring the Hollywood sign and a split window corvette.
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