Featuring  celebrity art and vintage hollywood ,Pop  art and "If These Walls Could Talk " a series inspired by stories told by the bartender at the famous Ingleside Inn, about the good old days, when Hollywood Star made Palm Springs their play ground.

                                                                              Let your walls talk ...WELLS


                                                                                        Stacey Wells

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Celebrity artist Stacey Wells is a mixologist of art, music, wine, humour and pop culture,creating edgy pop style art that embodies the essence of moments and starts a conversation.

Wells is known for her unique wine artworks reflecting good times had with music and wine, essentially capturing time in a bottle.

Wells art hangs on art collector's walls worldwide, including a few celebrities.

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Pink Cadillac | Stacey Wells

"Pink Cadillac" (attached ) has a hidden blue bird in the reflection of the chrome. representing the feeling you get cruising in a Pink Cadillac on a sunny day with the stereo blasting. The bird also represents Lynyrd Skynyrd's song Free Bird and the feeling of David Bowie's lyrics form his last song " I'm Free, Just like a Blue Bird, ain't the Just like me" ROCK your walls ... WELLS original art by Stacey Wells celebrating Vintage cars

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