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D Gallery on El Paseo

Palm Springs 2019

Stacey Wells art show with Mikkey Dee

Las Vegas 

Sebastian Kruger at the ROCK STAR gallery 

The Canvas Collaboration,

Designer Cheryl Koo and Stacey Wells

LA Fashion Week

Alice Cooper

Oh My Godard Gallery

Las Vegas ,Planet Hollywood

Gene Simmons at the ROCK STAR gallery

Studio 55 on El Paseo

Reflections Of The Strip 2014 

Halloween Show with Michael Godard

 Las Vegas Oct 2015

Gibson Guitar Town

 Alice Cooper

and Steven Tyler tributes  

Spring Show with Michael Godard

Las Vegas April 2016

 the Star Trek Convention

art commemorating Leonard Nimoy 

Punk Rock Museum Show

Los Angeles April 2016

Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway Museum show

Oct 2016

Oh My Godard show

August 2016 Star Trek Convention

Michael Eivaz Photography

Stacey Wells arist, on the Sunset Strip with Breaking Bad art

David Chi Photography  

Stacey Wells art Gallery Show

Norm Beer photography  

Stacey Wells artist with Alice Cooper

Photo credits Please click pictures to photographer's links

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