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Testimonials from art collectors 


Just bought another wonderful piece of art by Stacey Wells .Kurt Cobain #RIP You must buy her art.


Los Angeles

Stacey, I'm practically speechless. I am sooo happy with my Howard Stern. The whole experience.. from your enthusiasm to create it .. to your inspiration... to your professionalism and kindness. I can see why Terri thinks you're great.

Thank you Howard


" When we saw the Breaking Bad piece, we simply had to buy it. We fell in love with her rock-n-roll take on our favorite show of all time! She was in the gallery, so we got to meet her and talk about her work. She was so gracious, she took the time to pose for pictures & signed our art. It looks gorgeous in our media room! We love her art & will be looking to buy another piece in the future!"

Jenny and Steve

I can't wait to get my second !! I swear to you .... I've never thought twice about collecting art ! You changed that , your art has so much energy inside of it ! I want to buy a new house soon and one requirement is a room that is perfect to grow my Stacey Wells collection !!   

Music venue, owner


Stacey Wells is one of the most creative and important artist of our time.

Myles Cohen gallery professional 

Scottsdale AZ

Lips Like Jagger

Stacey Wells Thank You for creating this wonderful art ,Everyone go to  follow her on instagram ,she has great artwork


Los Angeles



I wonder if I can get my home re zoned as the Stacey Wells Gallery.  It's a phenomenal piece. It is everything I asked and hoped for. I look at it every day multiple times and just smile.


New Mexico

I have five of Stacey's works, with one of them a commission. I love Stacey's style, the bright, exploding colors, but also the depiction of emotion that is seen and felt from the canvas. I'm lucky enough to be able to walk around my home and do nothing but smile. Stacey and her works are a treasure. David

I’ve never had any desire to own a piece of art, but when I started seeing your work I couldn’t get enough of looking at the different pieces and styles. When I was able to have you do a Janis Joplin art for me, I couldn’t wait to get I and watched for the delivery guy, like a little kid. I is my most treasured possession. You make more than art. You make every piece with such love and detail,I’m sure everyone that owns one of yours ,feels the love you put in it. You are incredible and I love you.




You are wonderful!!!! LOVE IT!!!!! Hoping to win the lottery so I can one day I can add "Cover Me With Kisses !!!"  And, have a dedicated wall for just your art with several pieces to feed my soul. I love the Warhol style and that you used the blues and reds we spoke about!



Stacey Wells is magnificent and creative beyond words! Beautiful and imensley gifted with her art,as she turns her thoughts and ideas into purely, magical creations!!!!

I am blessed.

Always and forever loving your art



I can’t thank you enough Stacey, for painting this beautiful piece

of art. It is the most cherished, gift I have ever received from my husband. When I look at it, it reminds me of how truly blessed I am.

Thank you, Christina

Vancouver, Canada

Oh my goodness!!! Tim surprised me with this freakin' AMAZING custom Post Malone art, 'A Long Time', from my favorite artist Stacey Wells! I could not love it more! ❤ Stacey, THANK YOU for capturing everything I love about him, from cats to lyrics! Thank you for painting this for me, Tim said you were a pleasure to do business with. I will cherish it forever!! If anyone is interested in any of Stacey's art, check her out, you will not be disappointed! Stacey Wells Artist ❤❤❤


Stacey Wells Thank you SO much again! I’m still floating on Cloud 9! I can’t believe that I finally got a piece of your art to call my very own, let alone a piece made just for me of Post Malone, that is named after my favorite song & it has a cat on there😳😻!! Did I mention that I love it?! ❤️❤️❤️❤️😻😻😻😻



Wow! Absolutely wow! This is great!!! I love it! I knew it would have your special touch in it. Incredible. Thank you so much!


New York

Elton has arrived and looks awesome!
Also can you give me size and prices on the “Orpheum” 


This looks absolutely amazing. You have really outdone yourself. I really don’t know what else to! You have far exceeded my expectations.

No...thank you. The thought and detail you put into this is amazing. I am truly grateful to you. I cannot wait to see it!



Hi Stacey, 


I received the painting today, and its everything I dreamed of.

Thank you !

Stacey, you did an absolutely amazing job. It’s been such an honor and wonderful experience working with you. Thank you so much for your creative and artistic approach to our 20 year piece. We will truly cherish this work of art for the rest of our journey together! You are an amazing artist and person. We thank you 🙏 ! 

Stacey painted a tribute to me and my wife last year. It now hangs in our home and is absolutely priceless to us. 


There are so many references to our lives together in our painting, it’s impossible to name them all.


I highly recommend anyone who wants to cherish their lives in a painting, to commission Stacey. 


She is not only a phenomenal artist, but has a heart of gold.

"It's perfect, I can't stop looking at it"


Thank you! I will be bragging about this for the rest of my life. I f***ing love it! It makes me smile everytime I look at it. 


I wanted some art on the living room wall for my home in Kelowna, so I hired the talented Stacey Wells to do a custom piece for us. We couldn't  be happier. I told her what Brooklyn and I love to do and she nailed it! Hollywood, Sunset Strip, Split Window Corvette, Saddle Ranch and celebrities. 

Thank you Stacey


"The art is up and I'm so in love! Thank you Stacey Wells for the beautiful work!

Troubadour West

Palm Springs

Huge Shout out to Stacey Wells. for knocking it out of the park on this commission. I approached her to do a painting with the theme 'Best time of my life" The paintings totally captures the excitement and joy of our family life. 

Thank you, Stacey


More than ecstatic to be the owner of an original Wells painting. I've had the privilege of knowing Stacey over the better part of the last 5 years. Upon first meeting her I strongly remember my jaw hitting the floor when she showed me her work. 


If you want a beautiful amazing custom piece, contact Stacey Wells. I love my piece and plan to get more. Talk about the PERFECT gift!!! This is the bomb! <3 U Stacey!


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