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A thought  provoking story told by  "Death by Sex Pistol, the Smoking Gun," a captivating piece of art that transcends boundaries and challenges perceptions. This unique creation revolves around the enigmatic Nancy, adorned with her iconic pistol necklace, transformed into the metaphorical smoking gun.

The carefully crafted details of this artwork unveil a narrative inspired by the legendary Sex Pistols and their infamous member, Sid Vicious. Nancy's pendant, originally a symbol of rebellion, takes on new meaning as wisps of smoke elegantly swirl around it, spelling out the word "sex." This artistic choice alludes to Sid Vicious as the figurative smoking gun, encapsulating the essence of his tumultuous life and controversial legacy.

The subtle yet powerful addition of a knife in Sid's hand introduces an element of complexity, suggesting an undercurrent of guilt. The composition invites viewers to ponder the intricate dynamics of the Sex Pistols' history, particularly Sid's role in the band and his connection to the tumultuous events surrounding Nancy's tragic fate.

As you explore "Death by Sex Pistol, the Smoking Gun," be prepared to delve into the realms of punk rock rebellion, passion, and the intricate dance between love and tragedy. This piece stands as a testament to the artist's ability to fuse symbolism and storytelling, creating an experience that transcends the canvas and sparks contemplation on the intertwining threads of art and history.

Body art at it's finest.


This is a gallery wrapped giclee' museum quality, fine art reproduction on canvas.It comes stretched in 1.50" stretcher bars and is ready to hang. No need to frame,unless you wish to.

It also comes as a  and Mixed Media Original, hand embellished to make each art a one of a kind.

Custom sizes are availble if you need a custom size please contact Stacey Wells.


 Stacey Wells also paints custom order originals and can paint any subject imaginable, from family portraits, urban lanscapes, landmarks, and abstracts to Wells' sought after, custom wine art, capturing time in a bottle. Contact Stacey Wells art, the possibilities are endless. 

All artworks are Museum quality, achival, fine art reproduction.s Quality Guranteed


Death By Sex Pistol the Smoking Gun Stacey Wells Painting of body

PriceFrom $350.00
  • Museum Quality

    Canvas comes stretched on 1.5″ solid pinewood stretcher bars with finished edges, no need to frame, unless you would like to.

    Genuine Archival Pigment Inks.

    Ready-to-Hang, no need to frame

    Quality assured.

    Limited Editions

    Signed and Numbered

    Secure Site

    Custom sizes available.

    Worldwide Shipping

    Stacey Wells limited editions are produced using state of the art equipment, providing accurate, vibrant color representation and astonishingly fine detail.

    We proudly stand behind our product and are here to handle any issues that may arise.

    Wells’ art collectors are wowed by our craftsmanship and outstanding attention to detail.

    Buy off the gallery wall or call to order a custom original art by Stacey Wells.

    Giclée prints are archival, museum quality and look exactly as the original.

    Please contact Stacey Wells art for availability and pricing of original art.

    Custom, original art orders, welcome. Stacey Wells specializes in creating custom art for individuals and large corporations such as the Hard Rock Hotel. Contact Stacey Wells art to collaborate on an artwork that tells your story or shows your love for someone special.  

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