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In the realm of artistic expression, Stacey Wells unveils a thought-provoking piece that beckons contemplation — "I Read The News Today, Oh Boy!" This captivating artwork captures the essence of our tumultuous times through the lens of pop culture, humor, and a touch of vintage Hollywood glam.


The title itself, borrowed from a Beatles song, encapsulates the bewilderment we've collectively experienced since March. The canvas unfolds as a visual narrative, prompting viewers to facepalm in disbelief at the array of unprecedented events — a global pandemic, hurricanes, riots, and fires, creating a cacophony of chaos. It's a commentary on the absurdity of reality, masterfully portrayed through the quizzical gaze of Steve McQueen, absorbed in reading the news.


WELLS World news takes center stage on the front page, where Rod Sterling, the enigmatic host of "The Twilight Zone," graces the headlines with an intriguing proclamation — "Imagine if you will..." Stacey Wells seamlessly weaves together elements of music, pop culture, and vintage Hollywood, infusing the artwork with layers of meaning that invite viewers to decipher the subtle nuances.


True to Stacey Wells' signature mixology, this piece is a fusion of diverse influences, creating a harmonious blend of artistic elements. The result is an artwork that transcends mere visual appeal, serving as a catalyst for conversations that delve into the intricacies of our contemporary existence.

In a message from the artist herself, Stacey Wells expresses the hope that viewers will appreciate the clever twist embedded in the artwork and that it brings a daily smile. Indeed, beneath the surface of chaos, there lies a subtle humor — a coping mechanism that transforms the weight of the news into a shared moment of amusement.


"I Read The News Today, Oh Boy!" marks the inception of Stacey Wells' latest series, aptly titled "A Sign Of The Times." It serves as a poignant commentary on the unfolding events that shape our reality, inviting viewers to explore the layers of meaning embedded in each brushstroke.


For those captivated by the allure of this unique piece, reaching out to Stacey Wells becomes the next step in acquiring a touch of this artistic brilliance. The artwork stands as a testament to Stacey's ability to blend creativity, humor, and cultural commentary seamlessly.


As an artist who specializes in crafting custom pieces, Stacey Wells has garnered acclaim from art collectors, individuals, and large corporations alike. Her expertise lies in creating art that tells a story, tugs at heartstrings, and represents brands in a visually compelling manner. For those seeking a personalized touch in the world of art, contacting Stacey Wells becomes an invitation to collaborate on creating original, bespoke pieces that resonate with individual tastes and aspirations.


In the ever-evolving landscape of artistic expression, Stacey Wells stands as a beacon, seamlessly merging diverse influences into visually stunning narratives that transcend the boundaries of traditional art. "I Read The News Today, Oh Boy!" beckons viewers to not only witness but actively engage in the dialogue it sparks, offering a mirror to the times we live in and an opportunity to find shared moments of reflection and laughter in the midst of chaos.

Steve McQueen art by Stacey Wells

PriceFrom $350.00
  • Museum Quality

    Canvas comes stretched on 1.5″ solid pinewood stretcher bars with finished edges, no need to frame, unless you would like to.

    Genuine Archival Pigment Inks.

    Ready-to-Hang, no need to frame

    Quality assured 14 Day Money Back Guaranteed

    Limited Editions

    Signed and Numbered

    Secure Site

    Custom sizes available.

    Worldwide Shipping

    Stacey Wells limited editions are produced using state of the art equipment, providing accurate, vibrant color representation and astonishingly fine detail.

    We proudly stand behind our product and are here to handle any issues that may arise.

    Wells’ art collectors are wowed by our craftsmanship and outstanding attention to detail.

    Buy off the gallery wall or call to order a custom original art by Stacey Wells.

    Giclée prints are archival, museum quality and look exactly as the original.

    Please contact Stacey Wells art for availability and pricing of original art.

    Custom, original art orders, welcome. Stacey Wells specializes in creating custom art for individuals and large corporations such as the Hard Rock Hotel. Contact Stacey Wells art to collaborate on an artwork that tells your story or shows your love for someone special.

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