"Nailed It"

That feeling you get when you hear “Nailed it!” from the buyer of your KING SIZE commission, just in time for you to hop on a plane for your vacation!

I created this art based on a story told to me by a man about his adventures with his daughter in Hollywood. He told me that he and his daughter love to sit at Saddle Ranch and watch the cars drive by. After they tour the stars homes in the Hollywood Hills. He and his daughter also love to go to VIP meet and greets, with rock stars and sports icons.

I recreated the Sunset Strip to bring all of their passions together. From left to right , his 63 Corvette cruises up the Sunset Strip past the Saddle Ranch where he and Brooklyn like to sit and watch the cars go by. The Saddle Ranch’s neon sign is reflected in the rear window of the Corvette.

The colours I chose are retro, giving it a vintage Hollywood feel, while echoing the colour of lake in the view at his waterfront home. The Palm trees line the Sunset Strip calling them back for another adventure.

As he and Brooklyn love to tour the Hollywood Stars homes, I added the iconic Hollywood sign in the hills. A classic, Sunset Strip billboard catches your eye at the curve of the Strip, featuring Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne and starring Brooklyn!

This art captures all of these special moments he and Brooklyn have shared together, for them to enjoy and relive the stories as they recount them to all who see the artwork.

It was so exciting for me to create this art, featuring one of my favourite places The Sunset Strip​ which has been a huge inspiration for my art! Such a nice trip down memory lane ❤️

They loved it !

Custom orders welcome. Fill out the information on the contact page to discuss the possibilities. Thank you.

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