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What's In A Name? It's Not Ego

What’s in a name? It’s not ego,it’s a dedication to my Dad who was killed when a bomb went off on the commercial plane he was piloting. WELLS is one of the few things that I have of my father, Warner Wells’. It’s a name I honour and hope to live up to daily. Every artwork I create and especially those I donate to help others, is signed and dedicated in honour of my Dad.

Many years after my Dad died, my Mom took us to Australia, to live out his dreams of taking us there (my sisters and I) I was only two when he died and realized then that you had to live life to it’s fullest ,enjoying every moment ,no matter how small.My mom was the best example of this. We had a year long, grand adventure with stops in Fiji that have left a lifelong impression and inspiration for my art. The beauty of nature, colours and reflections on water have been a huge inspiration for my work, along with the music that my mom blasted on our stereo, every weekend. As fate would have it on the week before we left for home, my mom met the man she was married to until they both passed away, two years ago. It was as though my dad, Warner Wells, had sent her there, to find new love. I treasure memories and old photos greatly and am inspired to capture time in a bottle with my collectable series of wine bottle, artworks, reflecting good times had with music and wine. . My vintage style,Hollywood pop art, brings back the good old days. These artworks come to life in vibrant colours, inviting you to be there, to enjoy the moments over and over again. Allowing the walls to tell the stories. I often get commissions from people wanting to capture their family members in a vintage style pop art, breathing life into vintage black and whites, with each passionate brush stroke of vibrant colour.It is an honour. I love hearing that my art makes my art collector’s smile everyday. That makes me happy. Every time I sign WELLS, it is honouring my dad and also my mom, who encouraged my art ,my love of adventure ,bravery and curiosity. It’s not ego,it’s thank you!

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