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Art inspired by Rock Music Icon Blondie

Rock music icon Blondie, continues to rock the world being the oldest performer at Coachella, blowing away the crowds at 77 with her powerful vocals, dynamic performance and cool rocker looks. No matter what the era Blondie proves to be beyond relevant, exciting listeners of all ages.

As an artist, Blondie has not only left a mark in the music industry but also in the world of art. Her iconic status as a blonde bombshell goes beyond her appearance, delving into her powerhouse voice, thought-provoking lyrics, and unique fashion sense. She represents an era of the 70's that continues to captivate audiences of all ages, bridging the gap between generations and offering a glimpse into the past while igniting hope for the future of rock music.

For many, including myself, Blondie, and specifically Deborah Harry, holds a special place as a muse. Her performances and persona inspire creativity, making her a favorite subject to paint and immortalize in art. The anticipation of seeing Deborah Harry perform live in concert this summer is not just a concert but an experience that will undoubtedly spark new artistic creations.

Imagine yourself enjoying a front row experience with Blondie rocking your walls and your favourite Blondie song on repeat, transporting yourself back to a moment in time filled with music, friends, and pure energy. It's a form of time travel that encapsulates a feeling, an era, and a passion that is uniquely Blondie. Buy a WELLS art and get lost in the everlasting legacy of this rock music legend.


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