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Sunset Strip Secrets Unveiled: Decade-Long Art Mystery Solved with a Surprise Ending!

I have had a few artworks go missing over the years.

During my art career, I have relied on the kindness of friends, strangers and the hired help of professionals to move and store my art after shows or at times when galleries weren’t paying me or when they suddenly closed. I needed my art moved quickly.  I was unable to travel due to different circumstance's such as broken shoulders and Covid restrictions.

I appreciate each and everyone of you and so many of you who went out of your way to help me. I am forever grateful.

Two of my artworks went missing , I always wondered what happened to them. ( pictures of artworks attached)

Just my luck, a kind soul messaged me to discuss some of my art he bought. He had bought two of my artworks during Covid. He loved them and wanted to know more about them. In particular about one that looked like Kat Von D but wasn’t, it was Lizzy a character of the iconic Sunset Strip , she was the gorgeous, tattooed girlfriend of a drummer friend. His unique looks, and musical talent had inspired me to paint several portraits of him.

They were a cool looking couple that gave me great inspiration. I felt they personified the excitement , cool vibe and uniqueness of the Sunset Strip.

I was happy to fill him in on the history of the artwork. I love reminiscing about the adventures, and stories related to my art and the fabulous people I’ve  met along the way.

Hoping I could solve the mystery, I enquired about how he found the art.

He had purchased it via an ad for the Cat Woman art on social media and picked it up at a warehouse , he had come for the Cat Woman art but they showed him another WELLS , the art of Lizzy, which he fell in love with and bought them both.

When he discovered that they had gone missing from me and sold without my consent or knowledge he offered to give them back. I absolutely refused. He had bought them honestly, he was very sweet and very much loved these artworks. They were special to him. I was so happy that my art had landed in a home where they are well loved.

He went above and beyond and took the artworks to one of my publishers and paid to get professional images for my archives. Very sweet!

I’m still not sure how the person who sold them got their hands on them. My happiness lies in the knowledge that my long lost art is in a loving home. And I made a new friend, just another bonus of my art’s adventures!

Mystery solved, kinda. I’d love to think that the sale of my art was by someone who was in desperate need during Covid and that it helped them too.

I am still curious to know what happened to my

ZZ Top artwork! But that's another mystery to solve on the Sunset Strip.


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