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99 Bottles of Wine on the Wall

Stacey Wells' wine bottle art is flying off the walls at galleries . Wells' wine art was inspired after tasting wine so good ,it was Rock Star worthy , she wanted to reflect good times had with music and wine, essentially capturing time in a bottle.

Wells RockStar Reflections have fast become a collectable artwork spinning many series such as Hollywood and Wine ,Spin the Bottle featuring Playboy centrefolds and other sultry beings . Stacey Wells latest series comemmorates special places and times reflecting famous landmarks such as the Las Vegas sign in her "Never Out of Aces' Bottle ...What happens in Vegas comes home in a Wells bottle.

These artworks are acrylic on canvas paintimgs of bottles with reflections and other hidden elements allowing the buyer to send a message in a bottle to the one they love.

A popular custom art to celebrate weddings or milestones anniversaries. This art can be personalized to commemorate special dates and family names.

Buy off the gallery wall or order a custom oririnal to commemorate your special memory. Anniverasry ,new Home ,wine cellar ,behind the bar or gift yourself.Collect the series ,,,capture time in a bottle...WELLS

Contact Stacey WELLS to order a custom original wine art, capturing your time in a bottle.


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