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Pretty In Punk

Rodney Bingenheimer poses with Stacey Wells and her art work of Bowie "Ain't That Just Like Me" celebrating David Bowie's Life. The Punk Rock Museum show was a buzz with celebrity along with Rodney Bingenheimer the Dj of Rock N Roll station KROQ Los Angeles was the first to play bands such as the Ramones ,Sex Pistols Blondie ,Joan Jett, Nirvana , Guns and Roses ,Van Halen and friends with David Bowie, Mick Jagger and more. It was such a honor and pleasure to meet Rodney at my show, he introduced the world to some of the best musicians,I am grateful. Thank you to Parker Love Bowls and her amazing friends Navarone Garabaldi, actress Natasha Halevi and all of her wonderful guests.

New show in the works for the PUNK ROCK Museum ,Los Angeles.

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