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Joan Jett and Lita Ford now rock the walls of my art collector in Ohio. Order a WELLS original and tell your rock story, surround yourself with memories and cool rocker ambiance. Sure to start a conversation in your space. Start your collection today call 1 778 874 3303 the possibilities are endless

This art collector requested Joan Jett and Lita Ford of The Runaways were an American rock band that recorded and performed in the second half of the 1970s. The band released four studio albums and one live set during its run. Among their best-known songs are "Cherry Bomb", "Hollywood", "Queens of Noise" and a cover version of the Velvet Underground’s "Rock & Roll". The Runaways, though never a major success in the United States, became a sensation overseas, especially in Japan, thanks to the hit single "Cherry Bomb".

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