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Take Me Away

New Year, NEW art

My new painting "Linger"

I often say "I need a few lifetimes to create all of the ideas I have."

So, I'm trying to create as many of the things that I have in my brain,as possible. This is part of my new series ; "Take Me Away" These are the colours of my inspiration, my passion ,the colours that make me feel so happy to be alive. The fantasy world that I love to live in ! I want my art to take you away from reality. Giving you the freedom to travel somewhere,by getting lost in my art.

Everyone will see and feel something different, my only hope is that it fills your day with joy.

THAT is my greatest passion ... making people happy with my art.

I dedicate this art to the memory of Dolores O'Riordan singer of the Cranberries whose exquisite voice, makes me happy at my easel. May your spirit linger on earth, through your beautiful music ❤️

Take Me Away ...WELLS

Music inspiration.

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