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Golfers rock with Alice Cooper, captured in full color.

Four guys with Alice Cooper on the golf course.

Sound on! Listen to the laughter! THIS is why I LOVE creating art! I love how happy it makes people! I was commissioned to create this artwork as a gift for Joe. The painting is of four friends on the golf course, hamming it up with Alice Cooper​! The fellas are strumming their golf clubs like guitars and Joe is using his as a mic. They said they love my art and gave me free reign to create the artwork, I could tell that these guys love fun so I tricked out Alice's golf gear and added a snake around Joe's neck. When I sent a picture of the art for approval I got a "Hell Yea!" response along with the message" Words can't express how great the piece is I love it so much" ! Check out the reaction it got when they surprised Joe with it at his party. I love the laughter and all the fun they had with it! Thanks to Surreal Sisters for the great photo reference! SOUND ON !

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