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Puppy Love

Every year I get to play Santa's elf as I create artworks for people that order a gift of art to surprise their loved one at Christmas. There is something magical about being involved in creating a gift that will make someone very happy and feel well loved.

The subjects vary immensely, from rock stars to portraits of cherished family members. When it comes to family, our pets are included.

I was thrilled to create this special artwork a painting of beloved family members "Dash and Gracie" ordered by a wife as a surprise for her husband.

I was so excited to hear her comments when I sent her a picture of it, she exclaimed "OMG!! It s absolutely spectacular! It totally captures the personalities of both of them" "I am Thrilled! Rich will be in love with this painting!" .

It made my day to hear that he was overwhelmed and speechless as his eyes brimmed with tears of joy as he opened his gift of love, with his family all around.

Thank you for the gift of joy I feel, from allowing me to translate your love, in my art.

There is love in every stroke, mine and yours <3 Enjoy!

Gift your love...WELLS

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