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Everything is coming up ROSES

“The Sensual Garden” my new series of roses, featuring art with a watercolor like, luminescent glow that captures the beauty of the rose. In this series the edges of the petals suggests female curves, arousing a sultry feel to these delicate flowers.

Excited, I've dedicated the summer to flexing my creative muscles and expanding my creativity by creating art and subjects that I wouldn't normally paint. I hope you enjoy the new art and the fun I am having exploring the beauty of this world.

These three artworks may be purchased separately or together to create a sensual garden in your home.

For my rock star lovers, no worries I've got a few rock star artworks in the works, I look forward to showing you all soon. But for now, what do you think of my roses ?

Collect the series and surround yourself with roses!

Inquiries, please fill in the contact form on my contact page. Click the picture to be directed there.

Rose art by artist Stacey Wells

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