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Stacey Wells art at NFL Raiders Stadium

Excitement! The Cat's out of the bag Another art I created for the NFL Las Vegas Raiders now hangs at Allegiant Stadium.

Thank you, to my incredibly talented friend Michael Godard for inviting me to paint another art for this fun and iconic project! It is such a thrill and an honor to have my art hanging amongst such incredible talent!

"Lion Hearted" Celebrating and commemorating Siegfried & Roy and their majestic Lions and Tigers. The traditional meaning of Lion-Hearted is brave and courageous. The title celebrates the largeness of heart that is shared between the performers and the animals. The lion has a heart on his chest signifying that all members of his pride have lion-sized hearts, as the love between man and beast is mutual. The blue ribbonlike line surrounding them is a magical aura that bonds Siegfried, Roy and their big Cats, as a family in their fantasy world on stage.

I am so excited to have already seen pictures of people posing with my artwork! If you go to a game or concert please snap a picture of yourself with it and send it to me!!

I will have a limited number of prints available , click the picture to reserve Stacey WELLS art at Raiders Stadium, now!


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