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Red Feather wine- Wine lover's gifts

Darby, Red Feather Blend, Lake Nakomis Estates! This sweet custom art reflects the Darby family’s cherished home away from home, a beautiful cabin on the lake with the sunset in the background setting the cabin aglow.

The label commemorates their family name and the peaceful lake that fronts it, the Feather background represents the Red Feather Lakes, with the year of establishment.

The bottom of the wine bottle reflects the campfire where their family gathers to retell the day's adventures, fishing, wildlife sightings, and all of the day’s treasures.

She loves it! Brad surprised Holly with this custom art for their anniversary, echoing their love for each other and for their son Julian, capturing their time in a bottle. ❤️

As Holly sips her wine, I hope this art makes her smile daily, knowing how much she is loved and blessed with all of the memories this bottle holds, as they continue to fill it with new ones!

I love where it hangs beside the wine rack and the big smile on Holly’s face in the picture Brad sent me, which I’ll share at at later date!

Happy Anniversary! ❤️🥂

Lots of love to you all Holly, Brad, and Julian! Brad Holly Darby!

I love that when I first showed Brad this art, he said he was mesmerized and couldn’t stop staring at it! 😍

Thank you for loving my art! Contact Stacey WELLS for more Wine Lover's Gifts.


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